The start

So it started pretty well…..  The first week of activity seemed to be nice and relaxing and I got off to a good start.  I played a bit of golf (the distance is off due to the fact that I stopped my watch a little late …. as in when I was on my way home in the car), walked, ran and even got out on the bike.

I didn’t quite make it to 4 days worth of running as I ended up out on the course quite late last night.

This week I’ll attempt to do at least 6 days of running – hopefully making it to 21 miles for the week.

Activity Type
Elevation Gain
Avg Speed
Avg HR
Walking 4 4.14 1:21:08 32 3.1 121
Golf 4 44.19 11:40:42 554 3.8 102
Running 3 9.78 1:25:08 49 6.9 14,022
Mountain Biking 2 12.55 1:34:02 159 8.0 119
Summary 13 70.65 16:01:00 795 4.4 106 14,022

Running with a club

I haven’t run with a club since 2008.  When I contacted a local club just before Christmas, I also knew that the first time I went to run with them, I would be completely scared witless.  I don’t deal well with meeting strangers, and running with them scares me even more!

However, it turned out to be the loveliest of people!

I showed up 10 minutes before we were due to start, chatted with a few people and off we went.  The session involved 6 x 250m with 30 seconds of rest, followed by 4 x 500m with 500m recovery.

The 250s went well, but I loved the 500s.  It was uphill and the last 200m were absolutely brutal, but it suited what I wanted to do perfectly.  I’m bad at doing hills, which means I have to do them more often to ensure that I don’t flake out during races.  There aren’t that many hills near my house – it was good to find a nice one relatively close!

My fourth 500m had me completely breathless, my lungs burning and really not wanting to let any more of the cold air in.  I finished it though and then felt like I had won something.

I can’t wait to go back.

2017 total:   21.30 miles
2017 left:  978.70 miles
Ave/day req:  2.72 miles


Recovery is essential in any training program.

After last night’s effort, I woke up and felt a little bit like my legs were made of lead.  It might have something to do with the 11pm bedtime I had last night as well, but be as it may, I have a busy day ahead of me and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get any running done tonight.

Of course, I’m not one to shy away from my training program, but the temptation was strong to stay in bed.  I didn’t have a choice though.  Wanting to make sure that I complete that half marathon ahead of my brother means that I’m not going to skip a training session unless there is very real threat to my life.

I got a slow 4 miles in and then fell asleep for 40 minutes.  I’ll call that a win!

2017 total:   16.09 miles
2017 left:  983.91 miles
Ave/day req:  2.73 miles

A little less with a little more

Today was a day for golf.

After having a relatively late night last night, we met some friends at the local golf club and played 18 holes.  All this is good and well, but it meant that by the time we got back home, there was very little in the way of time left in the day.

I scooted out the door and got a quick 2 miles in to ensure that the streak continues.  15 days!

Tomorrow will include a longer run.  Although the current weather forecast includes a very icy start to the day, I’m going to have to get it done.

2017 total:   5.78 miles
2017 left:  994.22 miles
Ave/day req:  2.74 miles

Nowt as strange as Folk

Where there are people, there will always be a certain degree of disappointment, back-stabbing, jealousy, tears, hurt feelings, bad times and various politics.  However, there will will also be happiness, laughter, good times, hugs that make you feel like you cannot breathe and tranquility.

Over the last year I’ve made many new acquaintances – at least one of these have turned into being a real friend (in my eyes at least).  It isn’t often that you find someone that you feel is completely real and completely honest when they deal with you and it was refreshing to find someone again after many years of people that will only tell you what they think you want to hear.

As I said though, there are also those you find that cause disappointment and more recently, someone that I thought was a developing friend, caused such disappointment with a good amount of back stabbing.

Smiling in front of me and texting me how good a friend I am to him.  In fact, sending me a message that would make anyone smile as it felt so warm and fuzzy that you cannot help it.

Behind my back is a different story though, as it turns out.  Telling people that I’m trouble.  Telling people how little he likes me.  Telling people how he doesn’t actually like even speaking to me.

This hurt me.

A lot.

I cried.  I tried to figure out how to act around him now that I know that it is how he is.

I don’t understand things like that I’m afraid.  For me it makes no sense.  There is maybe two people in the world that I smile to for the sake of smiling, but they even know I have no time for them.  So I don’t play nice in front of them and then go behind their backs.

I really wish people could just be real.

Doing CrossFit, trying to improve and enjoying life